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"I’ll be back when winter comes."

"I know, Hic."

"… I’ll miss ya, Mer."

"I know… I’ll miss ye, too."

Autumn Spirit Hiccup and Summer Spirit Merida, for Puddin’s BTT story—still working out costume kinks.



Mericcup art work, including bett

er scans of the thumbelina work.

Check captions for details. <3

Reblogging because some of these are BTT related. COSTUME DESIGNS HNNNNNNGH <3

wholockiangirl: No don't listen to them. I totally miss this story. Please keep up the good work. I really enjoy reading it.

It’s still in the process of being reworked, and I am taking suggestions. So anyone who has any ideas to be included in BTT can feel free to message me about it, either here or on my main blog.

Anonymous: This story is a piece of trash. Good riddance.

Reasons I went on hiatus for a while.

But spoiler alert, I’m actually still rewriting it.

PSA: Casual reminder that people should

stop reposting and tagging RotBTD stuff in the individual movie tags. Because they have their own fandoms, and it’d be oh so kind if you’d stop flooding their tags with our stuff.

Not everyone likes this crossover, and stuff like this is why people dislike the fandom.


I want you all to know it occurred to me that not only am I about to finish up Stoick’s chapter…

but I get to write Emma’s too.

Oh man, ohhhhohohoman. I am so excited right now.

Anonymous: the titles are changing. whY ARE THE TITLES CHANGING? WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING????







This is what the Jack Frost tag is starting to look like. I can’t be the only one who sees this as a problem. 

((And in the ROTG tag it’s mostly crossover stuff too. It’s getting really annoying, because you can’t blacklist it cause then the tag would be empty.))


And the moment you ask them to tag or not repost, it’s as if you called them something dirty. I’ve tried numerous times to call people to just find a different tag to stop bombarding us but noone wants to be considerate. I’ve had to completely blacklist Frozen, Brave, Tangled and HTTYD to avoid the crossover stuff. Rotg fans aren’t given any consideration when it comes to this crossover stuff. And I fear it’s only going to get worse.

Followers, this is why I never tag any of my ROTBTD posts as the individual movies.  The only time I’ve ever done that was during the ROTBTD Week 30 Day Challenge, and that was because the posts were about the individual movies themselves.

Don’t ruin someone elses fandoms because you want to tag your post with everything on gods green earth.  Some people don’t like RotBtD, and at this point I can understand why people think we’re annoying.

So PLEASE dont do it.  Let people who enjoy the films by themselves enjoy it’s tag without RotBtD being forcefed down their neck.  It’s inconsiderate to people who love the exact same movies that we do.



As it seems this RoBTD business is starting to become a real problem, I thought I’d take a moment to address exactly WHY people are getting so irritated about it. I’m sure anyone who actually takes the time to read this post already knows what RoBTD is, so I won’t waste too much time on that. Short story short, it started out as a harmless crossover but has thoroughly mutated into it’s own fandom. There’s nothing wrong with people liking RoBTD, or making posts about That RoBTD exists isn’t a problem. The problem is in the intrusive behaviors shown by some of it’s fans, and this ultimately boils down to two major things. Inappropriate tags, and reposting. 




I’ve been scrolling through the Jack Frost tag and happened to notice certain posts popping up over and over again, and always from different sources. Here are just a few examples.





There are two major issues with reposting. First, it’s theft. You are stealing someone else’s content. Especially if you are reposting without their permission. Secondly, it’s annoying. No one wants to see the same post 4,5, or say 10 times when they’re tag surfing, least of all when it’s something they don’t particularly care for. 




The problem here is that many of these posts are tagged inappropriately. 


Like this one here. See down at the bottom where it’s tagged “Harry Potter”? I’m pretty sure if someone is surfing the HP tag they don’t want to be bombarded with a bunch of CrossOvers/AUs  of other characters that have nothing to do with Harry Potter and therefore have no business flooding a tag that isn’t theirs. By doing this, you are clogging up another fandom’s tag, and it’s just inconsiderate. 

But what about the RotG/Brave/Tangled/HTTYD tags? Why shouldn’t RoBTD be allowed there? 

Well the problem with this is that there are a lot of people who don’t care for the RoBTD CrossOver. Someone who might really like RotG but doesn’t care for Tangled, and therefore does not want to see Tangled related posts in the RotG tag. Or vice versa. 

As I said before, RoBTD has become its own fandom, therefore, it should remain within its own tag rather than taking over every one else’s tag. The only people who want to see RoBTD posts are fellow RoBTD fans. 


                                               IN CONCLUSION


If you are a RoBTD fan, please be courteous to the other fandoms. Do not repost content that isn’t yours. And please tag your posts appropriately. If something is RoBTD related, please tag it RoBTD/Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons and nothing else. The other fandoms would very much appreciate it if you cooperated with us. 

                                                  Thank you. 

princess-marida: Why do I feel that your rewriting will kill us all faster than the first time? because i agree with the last anon heh

I know how you feel, because I’m actually hurting myself this time around.

That’s a bad sign.